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From the beginning, owner Harry Patterson stressed a simple philosophy, “If it’s only good for me, it’s not right. The transaction has to be good for the buyer and seller alike.” Still active in the day to day operations, Mr. Patterson is committed to constantly seeking ways to raise the bar when it comes to providing a world class client experience. You can hear that commitment in the company’s mission statement: By listening to our clients, our team of trained, professional associates consistently provide a shopping, service and total ownership experience that exceeds each individual’s expectations and fosters a “Client for Life” relationship. You can hear that same commitment when Mr. Patterson emphasizes, “We are committed to being the best. We’ll prove it! We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

Simplified Pricing

Another philosophy which sets Patterson Auto Group apart from other dealers is simplified pricing. In 1994, Mr. Patterson conducted a survey and discovered that most of his clients strongly disliked the negotiation process. In fact, some said that they would rather get a root canal than go through that process! So, rather than start at high retail like other dealers and then take the client through a long, difficult negotiation process to get to a discounted price, Mr. Patterson decided to give the client the discounted price right up front – the simplified price. It’s simple, hassle-free, and it saves the client time, pain and money.

Actual Cash Value

Another philosophy which sets Patterson Auto Group apart is showing a client actual cash value for their trade. We don’t juggle numbers by showing you an inflated trade-in value, which is matched by an equally inflated price on the vehicle you’re purchasing. We appraise your trade-in at actual market value. And we’ll buy your trade-in even if you don’t buy your vehicle from us.

The Patterson Difference

These are just a few ways of doing business which separate Patterson Auto Group from other dealerships. Ultimately, however, the primary difference – the Patterson Difference - is the one thing which we can offer to our clients that no other dealership can offer – our people. We are committed to selecting highly qualified team members who share our values – the values of integrity, excellence, world class customer service, and making a positive impact in the community. Our team members embrace the importance of each part of our mission statement: attentively listening to our clients’ wants and needs, valuing training so that we continue to grow and are well-equipped to help our clients, and consistently providing a total ownership experience which truly does exceed our clients’ expectations, all of which is designed to make those who do business with us “Clients for Life.” We believe that our people and these ways of doing business have made us the top volume dealer in Texoma over the last three decades.


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We are committed to being the best. We’ll prove it!
We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.