A force for good

A force for good in our community

At Patterson Auto Group we pride ourselves in being a major force of good in the community. We strive to increase the quality of life by supporting worthwhile charities and events that can make a difference in people's lives. We believe that our time and treasure are the most important investment we make in our company's and our community's future.

Patterson Auto Group contributed to more than 130 nonprofit organizations and causes in our area last year. Those donations appeared in just about every corner of the community, from supporting our employee's family youth and school sporting activities to participating in major fund raising campaigns for the many wonderful nonprofits in our market.

Our employees also participate in our philanthropy through our annual campaigns for both the United Way and Hands to Hands organizations. It is a pretty sure bet that if there is a worthy cause in this community we have supported it in some fashion.

Just as valuable to our community are the volunteer hours that our employees contribute. Our leadership team and associates volunteer time for causes by serving in roles ranging from nonprofit board members, to mentoring youth, to delivering meals on wheels. We encourage our employees to participate and give back to the community, and they do so in many ways.

We know that supporting the communities where we do business is good for business. But, for us, contributing to our community is not first and foremost a business decision. It's a values decision.

Shortly after the attacks of 9/11, Mr. Patterson decided to make yet another lasting contrubition to our community. On a sunny day, reaching high into the blue Texas sky, you can see Old Glory flying over each of our locations, a symbol of strength, freedom, and courage, a reminder of those values we hold most dear: family, friends, and one nation, under God.

Take a look at our Patterson family in action!

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