Top 8 Reasons to Buy From Patterson Luxury

1. Free Pickup & Delivery - When you buy a new Mercedes-Benz or BMW and you need it serviced, we are there for you. We will pick up your vehicle and bring you a car while we service yours. After, we will bring your vehicle back to you. (Within 60 miles)

2. Simplified Pricing - Most people despise having to negotiate a car deal. Instead of starting at high retail like most other dealers, we give you a discount right up front.

3. Patterson Perfect Preowned - We thoroughly inspect every vehicle before they get on the lot for sale and we won't put a car on the lot that we don't deem as Patterson Perfect!

4. Relationships - Many of our customers are our friends. We understand the car-shopping experience can be a little overwhelming so we try to make it as easy as possible.

5. Great Trade-Ins - Because we know many of our customers, we oftentimes know the backstory of our preowned cars that we took in on trade.

6. Saturday Service - For your convenience, our service department is open until 1PM on Saturday.

7. Experienced Luxury Staff - Not only is our staff certified, but we have experience. We can say some of our staff has been with us for DECADES!

8. Direct Contact With Management - Our ownership is local. They live local and they shop local. So are our managers. They are a part of the community. They shop at the same places you probably shop. It is very important for our management staff to have relationships within the community as well as at the dealership level.